2015 Bench2Bench

The 8th edition of the Bench2Bench took take place on the 28th of March 2015.

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The results are calculated on a “guess-your-time” basis. Those that pre-guess their times closest to their actual finishing times are our winners.

Disclaimer: Please note that these results have been captured from information written on race cards, which were not at all times legible. Errors may have thus arisen. We apologise in advance and assure you that we tried out utmost. Please let us know if there are any corrections that should be made.

5 km
1st | Shona S | difference: 0 seconds
2nd | Christine King | difference: 6 seconds
3rd | Claudia Ficher | difference: 7 Seconds

8 km
1st | Nicola Oakes | difference: 7 seconds
Joint 2nd | Alex Stuart-Smith & Grant Marcus | difference: 9 seconds

Full results; click here.

More race details available on the Runner’s World website: RunnersWorld.co.za/Bench2Bench